My daily practice is essentially musical, although along the way it has organically integrated the philosophical, the poetic and the paradoxical. As part of my ongoing experimentation with sound, performance and the audiovisual arts, I have lately grown interested in how certain uses of interference, fragility, contrast, memory, sustainability, focus, litheness, feedback, interactivity, gesture, portability, asymmetry and space can propel such musical practice into the uncanny.

Born in La Coruña, raised in Barcelona and based in Berlin since 2011, my musical framework is deeply rooted in flamenco, bolero, copla, tango and sardana, sources that I channel and transfigure through collective fm transmission, unhinged sampling/midi techniques, musique concrète outbursts, stripped-down chants and outlandish operatic procedures.

In addition to releasing music via Crammed Discs, Takoroku, Young Turks, Canada, Isolated Now Waves, Audition, Spread The Disease and Ozonokids, I have been a long time member of Carla Bozulich's live units, played in projects like Don The Tiger, Bèstia Ferida, Veracruz, Homenatges and Capitán, and have worked in various contexts (music, film, installation, radio, performance, poetry, theatre) with artists such as Lucrecia Dalt, Regina de Miguel, Valerio Tricoli, Lydia Lunch, Aksak Maboul, Francesco Cavaliere, Victor Herrero, Arnau Sala, Robert Forster, El Guincho, Paloma Polo, Eduard Escoffet, Alex Reynolds, Rubén Patiño, Krapoola, Nuno Marques Pinto, Camille Mandoki, Olivier Arson, GY! BE, Rocío Guzmán, Sergi Faustino, Sam Ashley or Macromassa.

My work has been commissioned by institutions such as Deutschlandfunk Kultur, MACBA or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Foundation and has appeared in media such as The Wire, HBO, Red Bull Music Academy Radio, Cashmere Radio or Radio Alhara. I have also performed at festivals/venues such as Cafe Oto, Le Guess Who?, Standards, Meakusma, Cave12, Morphine Raum, Brelfest, Seanaps, Alice, South By Southwest, Les Ateliers Claus, CentroCentro, Primavera Sound or Sonar.